Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Building your future! Professional growth

Shatayu College of professional studies connects students with business education world academic. Direct offering specific program from ‘Tilak Maharashtra University” Pune for students whose main target is to enhance management practices.
Training, Special Sessions, Exchange of experience, live seminars which help students to get practical knowledge as per corporates and industrial need.

So that student get trained to make career after education in corporates and new market.it become easier to find waiter candidate are job seeker or looking for career change or rejoining the job.
We offer a wide range of programs, services and resources which can support you along the way.
Shatayu college trained to students how can you predict and prepare for the work culture in future? What should you be doing now to make sure you don't find yourself facing a dead end in your career, with no opportunity to change direction without crashing?

You need to develop the transferable skills that are universally sought by employers. Leadership, communication, innovation, stress management and interpersonal skills are all fundamental requirements of the jobs of today and tomorrow.
Shatayu College in expert in Management courses like, BBA, BCA, BCCA, BA, BSC, MBA, MCA, MA etc
Students need to develop business skills and technology which help them to secure their job and may open door to working in new industry. Whether ambitious students or studious candidates we make everyone to grow and reflect new ideas.

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